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About Us

Quilling Treasures is an online shopping website in India for your gifting needs. We have a wide range of handmade gifts with customizable options including handmade greeting cards, scrapbooks, explosion box, wall hangings and more exciting products coming in future. The items have a 3D look, and look stunning and refreshing. 

We have Greeting cards for all occasions, and even create custom cards on order. Themes of greeting cards cover a wide range including flower bouquets, flower bunch, garden scenery, natural scenery, birds, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc. 

Wall hangings are ready to hang on walls, with premium framing done by professionals. You do not pay extra for the framing. Wall hangings also cover a wide range of themes, that are bound to catch eyes when displayed at your home, office or shop premises.

All items on QuillingTreasures.com are environment friendly, and use paper and handmade paper as base. 

The greeting cards, wall hangings and other gift items on QuillingTreasures.com, have ben designed and hand-crafted by Madhushree Nandi. Madhushree is a handicraft enthusiast, and has been practicing this art for more than two year now. A reason why you will get that personal touch on every item you buy at QuillingTreasures.com.

Happy Shopping!